Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

No one wants to be involved in a court battle. But, every once and a while a situation arises where there is no alternative. Another party refuses to accept responsibility, or continues a damaging course of action, and leaves you no choice. We are here to help you decide when that line is crossed, and to help you identify and assess alternatives, and weigh the costs of potential benefits of each course of action.

In any dispute, we will work with you to define the dispute, assess the goals of the other party and how best to allocate your resources to accomplish your objectives. We frequently find that spending time on the front end, can save time and expenses later on, and that careful analyses often evolve into creative solutions.

Whether it is a property dispute, a probate or trust action, or a business disagreement, we have the experienced and knowledgeable professionals to work through the issues and help resolve the matter efficiently.