Zoning and Land Use

Whether purchasing real estate, starting a business, leasing or redeveloping property, or simply investing, it is important to know how and when to apply for permits. We have over three decades of experience on Cape Cod, dealing with contractors, realtors, developers, banks and local and regional permitting authorities.

When a homeowner or business owner has plans to build or renovate their home or business property, it is common to find in applying for a building permit that the project does not meet the requirements of the local zoning bylaws. Often a petition must be prepared and filed for a “Special Permit”, a “Variance” or Site Plan Review.

We have almost 40 years of experience assisting property owners with this process. In addition, members of the firm have served on the Finance Committee, Board of Health, Codification Committees, and the County Assembly of Delegates (our legislature). We have worked on election campaign committees, serve on numerous charitable boards of directors, and have managed the permitting aspects for multimillion dollar projects, on behalf of a variety of corporate and individual owners. We believe our broad and lengthy regional involvement gives us the experience and perspective to best assist you in fulfilling your vision.